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"Breast for Life...
 19 Survivors of Breast Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery 

■About the book: 
"Breast for Life...19 Women Who Underwent Reconstructive Surgery After Mastectomy" is a collection of photographs of women who managed to gain back not only their breasts but also their lives through reconstructive surgery.

The book was designed, written and produced by STP Project, a group of three professional women with differing talents.  One of its members, Mika Masui, recognized the need for such a book after going through a reconstructive surgery herself.  It was published in November, 2010 by Akaaka ¬Art Publishing Inc.  

Nobuyoshi Araki, a globally known photographer and awarded Austrian Decoration for Science and Art, also known by his nickname “Arākī”, took on the project. He expressed respect toward each woman by gently and warmly enveloping these women through his camera lens.  We believe the lively expression of each woman who agreed to model for this book speaks for itself and hope you enjoy every page.

■Leading to the publication of the book:
While one in sixteen Japanese women suffer  from breast cancer, information about surgery and what the expected outcome might be is not always provided or available to her satisfaction.

Although there are many breast cancer patients who recover, regain their breasts and enjoy their lives with a positive outlook, only 10% of post-total mastectomy women in Japan choose to have breast reconstructive surgery. One reason is that in-depth information about reconstructive surgery is not widely available to the patients or the family.  Another reason is cost: this very expensive surgery is not covered by medical insurance if she wants inplant rather than using her own tissues.

By sharing these photographs, STP Project aims to deepen the awareness and understanding of what reconstructive surgery can do for a post-mastectomy patient.

■The goal of the publication:
We at STP Project hope to achieve the following goals:
1.  To encourage breast cancer patients, experiencing a challenging period of their lives to face treatment and surgery knowing many others have undergone similar experiences, survived, and continue to live their lives to the fullest – feeling like feminine and attractive women inside and out.

2.  To bring awareness to the general public about reconstructive surgery and to minimize misunderstanding about breast cancer and its affects.

3.  To influence change in the system of care so that the standard treatment of breast cancer would eventually include not only surgical removal of the disease but cosmetic restoration of appearance as well.

■Our activities:
Since the publication of the book, we have been actively pursuing multiple projects:

Donation of the book:
In order to further deepen the understanding of reconstructive breast surgery, we have been reaching out to the medical professionals who specialize in breast cancer treatment.  During the first 11 months since its publication, we have reached every member of the Japanese Nursing Association who is certified with the breast cancer treatment credential, as well as 40% of the breast cancer oncologists of The Japanese Breast Cancer Society, totaling donation of 488 of our books as of the end of 2011 September.

Photo exhibit:
We are planning photo exhibits in Tokyo and various major cities throughout Japan.
We also hope to have exhibits in smaller cities where this type of information may be limited, furthermore, we expect to have them in overseas countries.

In order to further our effort to send more books to other medical institutions and to hold as many exhibits in various cities, STP Project welcomes your donation.   Thank you for sharing our concern to help us reach more patients, doctors, hospitals and the general public.

■How to purchase the book:
You can purchase through the publisher’s bookstore website.  

■About us
STP Project is a collaborative working team consisting of three women from different fields taking on projects that validate special meaning to the members.  Our professional services include producing and publishing of books, consulting and coordinating various business projects.    

Our other publications are “Non-Traditional Consumer Loan.  A Misunderstood Business Model” – 2008, as well as “Those Who Master Over Money, Those Who Money Masters Over” – 2009 (both published by Jiji Press in Japanese language). 

Mika Masui (CEO, International Business Institute Co., Ltd.)
Saho Katano (Writer)
Naoko Kawashima (Editor, Jiji Press Publication Services, Inc.)

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